At-Home Family Activities

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Origami Paper Flowers

Needing some mid-week zen time? Try making some origami flowers! These flowers are easy to make and provide a great mindfulness activity to break up your daily routine. They also add a nice flair to your home or office (or a home office!)

Does your flower look great? Tag us on Facebook and Instagram #shakerhistory

Click this link to learn how to make these beautiful flowers!

Mouse Shaker Heights Coloring Page.pdf
Bee Shaker Heights Coloring Page.pdf

Click the image above to download the pdf file of the coloring page.

Coloring Contest (Printable Activity)

A new exhibit-related coloring page by Lauren Garvin of Snailberry Art will be released here on the first Friday of each month. Winners will be announced at the end of October and will receive a special prize!

Competition Age Groups:

  • 4 and under

  • 5-6

  • 7-8

  • 9-10

  • 11-12

  • 13+

To enter the contest, please send a photo of your child's finished page to with your name, your child's name, and your child's age. Entries will close on October 18, 2020.