Due to COVID-19, most in-person volunteer opportunities have been put on hold.

However you can still join our list of volunteers!

We will contact you via email when there are volunteer opportunities available, and you will be added to our Volunteer Newsletter.

Why Volunteer for Shaker Historical Society?

Volunteering for the Shaker Historical Society is a great way to give back to your local historical society and community! We have lots of diverse volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. You can come and go as you please without any formal commitment! However to sweeten the deal, volunteers with over 10 logged hours receive discounted membership rates, exclusive Spirit Tree Gift Shop discount of 10% off all merchandise, and first dibs on SHS workshops and programming.

*NOTICE* All in-person volunteer opportunities are suspended due to COVID-19. Please keep an eye out on your volunteer newsletter for upcoming opportunities!

Below is a short list of volunteer opportunities:

  • Library

  • Archives/Collections

  • Docent/Gallery Attendant

  • Adult Group Tour Guide

  • School Group Tour Guide

  • Virtual Group Tour Guide

  • Transcription

  • Translation (all languages from English)

  • Gift Shop Attendant/Merchandiser

  • Gardens and Grounds

  • Advancement and Fundraising

  • Bike Shaker Tour Leader

  • School Age Educators

  • Large Events- general help

Above: SHS Volunteer and Shaker Dig Educator Rosemary Nemeth posing with participants from the 2020 Shaker Dig.

Above: Library and Archives Volunteer Patrice Moore working diligently in our Library and Archives' Workroom.