Please note our historic building is not entirely ADA accessible and there is no ADA bathroom. Most of our exhibits are on the main floor of the house, which can be accessed via the ADA ramp at the back of the museum, but there is no lift or elevator to access the second floor. All rooms on the first floor are on the same level except a very small step down to access the Spirit Tree Gift Shop, which was formerly the sun porch.

In addition to the ADA ramp, there is a designated handicapped parking spot behind the museum. The ADA ramp and handicapped parking spot were made possible thanks to a National Parks Service grant with additional funding from the Ohio History Connection, and in-kind services from Cleveland DRAW and Paul Hummer Paving.

If you have any questions or concerns about your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at 216-921-1201 or

Service Animals

The Shaker Historical Society abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and allows service animals, that is, animals trained to perform specific tasks for an individual with a disability, into all public areas of the museum.

A service animal is required to be under control at all times by its handler, although a leash is not required. An out of control or disruptive animal may be required to leave the Museum if the handler is unable to reestablish control over the animal or stop the disruptive behavior. If the animal’s behavior warrants its removal from the Museum, the animal’s handler can stay in the Museum without the animal.

Animals identified as as “comfort animals,” “therapy animals,” “companion animals,” or “emotional support animals” are not service animals as defined by the ADA because they are not trained to perform a specific task for an individual with a disability and are therefore not allowed into the Museum.

You can read our full service animal policy and the ADA requirements here.

Virtual Tours

The Shaker Historical Society offers virtual tours through Zoom and Google Meet! Virtual tours are 30-45 minutes and free with a suggested donation of $20 per group.

To book a virtual tour, please contact