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Use this Tiki-Toki timeline to take a look at the creation of the area and city we know today as Shaker Heights!

This timeline includes events that have shaped the "Shaker story" as well as short biographies of some of the notable people who have made Shaker Heights such a diverse and exciting place to live, both in the past and today.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Shaker Heights and the people who have called it home throughout the years, please visit or contact the Shaker Historical Society at

*Please note that this timeline has not been updated since 2016.


The purpose of this website is to bring to life the personal and military stories of some of the soldiers from the Cleveland, Ohio area who died in World War I. As part of a tree memorial established in 1919 and known as Liberty Row, Cleveland attempted to immortalize 850 of its more than 1,000 war dead. 

The 51 soldiers profiled in this website are a subset of an unknown number of soldiers who were commemorated in the Shaker Heights' and Cleveland Heights' geographic section of Liberty Row. The exact numbers are unknown because of  inaccuracies in the existing list of names of the dead and the disappearance of some of the bronze plaques that bore their names. In the future, the research begun here may expand to include information about soldiers who were honored in other sections of the memorial. 

This description and photograph are courtesy of Cleveland's Liberty Row website. The website was researched and created by Rosalie Litt and Susan Morss and has been shared with permission from Rosalie Litt.