Current Exhibits

Letters to My Father

February 17 - May 7, 2023 | First Floor Gallery

Do you ever wonder what people who have passed on would think about what is happening in the world? Would Martin Luther King Jr. come back and be happy about the progress we have made? Letters to My Father takes a look at how some people in the local community have been impacted by the work of others who were change makers. Hear about how they have been influenced by the body of work done by people of history.

Letters to My Father was organized by Kim Harris of Shaker African American Mothers Support (S.A.M.S.) with support from Shaker Historical Society. This exhibition is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.


February 17 - May 7, 2023 | Lissauer Gallery (Second Floor)

We are thrilled to feature photographer Daniel Lozada in Waves, our first Lissauer Gallery exhibition of 2023. Described by Daniel:  'Waves' is a feeling. Feelings of being moved by people I've used a camera to observe while I was out in a densely populated outdoor space - Edgewater State Park. Many themes that arose while photographing the shores of Lake Erie were Black and Brown Fatherhood, child-like joys, introspection, and seniors post retirement. During my time in this ongoing project, I think of the public space as one big body of water. As I'm moving through this water, people create waves that come through as a feeling of some kind of emotion I want to photograph. Hopefully, these images stir waves within you, the viewer. 

Daniel Lozada is a self-taught Cleveland-born photographer whose background has turned him into a keen observer. With a love for both athletics and the arts, growing up and still today, he relates and understands those on opposite ends of the midwest spectrum. After walking away from a life in the Church in 2011, he's learned the beauty in starting over in life. Dead-end jobs, heartbreak, depression, and a lot of hard work has helped and informed his photographic work. Since 2021, Daniel has been using photojournalism as a way to contribute to larger stories and has been published as a recurring contributor in many of the country's leading news outlets. When he is not working for pay, you can find him still photographing and learning what he can to improve his craft to make sense of this life through his lens.

Waves is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

Archiving Horseshoe Lake

View the digital exhibition here

The story of Horseshoe Lake has been at the forefront of local history and community discussions over the past year. During summer 2022, Digital Exhibition Assistant Austen Walker completed an SHS archives collections survey related to Horseshoe Lake, digitized priority items, and curated a digital exhibit based on archival findings.

The result is Archiving Horseshoe Lake, a digital exhibit sharing the history of the Horseshoe Lake area from pre-colonization to present that encourages residents to consider the current situation in a broader context.

The Archiving Horseshoe Lake project was made possible through an Ohio Humanities grant matched by a generous donation from SHS member John Barber.

Upcoming Exhibits

The Lissauer Gallery features art from Northeast Ohio artists. Founded by Jack and Linda Lissauer, Shaker Heights residents and longtime supporters of the arts, this intimate gallery is designed to encourage new and emerging artists, promote an appreciation of art, and support local artists. We also acknowledge partnerships with leading galleries such as Bonfoey Gallery, The Maria Neil Art Project, and Tregoning & Co.

Please note the Lissauer Gallery is on the second floor and is not ADA accessible.

CURRENT EXHIBIT: Waves by Daniel Lozada | February 17 - May 7, 2023