The Shaker Historical Society has many collections that it researches, documents, preserves, and shares with the public. Most objects relate to the Shakers of North Union—their clothing, inventions, and tools—but there is a growing collection related to Shaker Village and the development of Shaker Heights as a community.

We are actively collecting and welcome donations that would help us tell the Shaker Heights story! Please contact if you are interested in donating physical objects or archival materials to our collections.

If you are looking for information or materials about a Shaker Heights person, place, or topic, please fill out our Research Request form. If you would like a high-resolution image of an object in our collection, please fill out our Image Reproduction Request form.

For the past two years, SHS staff and volunteers have been adding our collections to CatalogIt, a cloud-based collections management database. With almost 700 items added and many more to go, this has been a time consuming but necessary move toward improved collections management and access. As of February 2024, over 200 items are available to the public through the museum's CatalogIt HUB.

These items have been catalogued using the More Product, Less Process (MPLP) approach, which focuses on minimal processing in order to reduce backlogs. This means that entries may have incomplete information and temporary photographs with a goal of further processing from volunteers and paid interns at a later time.

Do you have significants edits or information to add to these records? Please contact

COVID-19 Collecting Project

This pandemic is an unprecedented experience for most living Americans. The Shaker Historical Society is working to preserve the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of everyday Shaker Heights residents during this unique time for future use as a resource to help communities, medical institutions, researchers, and policymakers respond to future pandemics.

Who Can Participate: Anyone living, working, or visiting Shaker Heights.

What We Are Collecting: We are currently asking for digital donations of the items listed below. If you’d like to donate something that’s not on this list, or if you have physical items you’d like to donate, please contact


Audio or video recordings:

Journal entires: